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Information Management

Koios lead and innovate in Information Management, Coherence and Exploitation. Building on a strong track record founded on Microsoft Sharepoint and Koios in house applications we team with highly complementary application capability providers. Our in house applications and services are aimed at improving personal productivity and achieving tangible performance enhancements, ISO compliant standards and quality management – ISO 9001 – and knowledge sharing within SME and project teams.

At the enterprise information storage, search, retrieval and analysis level we partner with MarkLogic, an emerging world leader revolutionizing the way organizations leverage information. MarkLogic have proven capability in the publishing, oil and gas, financial services and government markets. MarkLogic Server is specifically designed to enable organizations to meet the challenges of capitalizing on investment in their legacy systems or exploit fast developing opportunities in semi and unstructured information to business advantage. MarkLogic is highly relevant to the demands of paradigms calling for rapid, adaptable high performance deployments spanning the enterprise at the infrastructure level to delivering point solution based capability. Class leading performance metrics allied with a highly competitive cost of ownership model make for a compelling proposition.

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